This is your ticket to see the world's largest collector car show and auction. Our founder Pete Baumert visited this event for 2003. It is the Auburn, Indiana (close to Ft. Wayne) Fall Festival. Auburn is an important automotive city because the world famous Auburn, Cord & Duesenberg were built there.

We tried to get pictures of the most unusual cars and trucks at the show. The volume of vehicles was immense and varied. Classic period and muscle cars were the most prevalent among the thousands of vehicles there. The show spread over several acres, with vendors, parts and large display tents. Collectors from all over the world bid on vehicles in the large auction building with two rotating pedestals!

Here is Pete with two Auburn Boat Tail Speedsters at the entrance to the show

That's real wood!

A rare Packard Carribean Convertible

This odd vehicle was made out of a tanker

How about this huge Navigator limo?

Have you ever seen a Packard Woodie?

The Lincoln Mark II - Ford's best ever

A Mercury Turnpike Cruiser

This is one rare early Ford

The Hudson Hornet grill will eat you up

This early GMC truck means business

They even had a classic police car

Rolls Royce and Bently too, they were there

Pete had to get a closer look at this one

They called this beast "Big Boss Hog"

The wood work was unbelievable

This Ford Skyliner was immaculate

A fantastic custom Packard Roadster

Check out the front end styling

Another Skyliner? This is too much

This custom Corvette was amazing

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